Portable solution for distributed generation in a box


About us

SUNINBOX arises from a joint venture business between SOLARBOX and GFM, whose collaboration started in 2007 developing a highly innovative solar tracker to increase the efficient collection of solar systems by more than 35% whilst making it easy to transport.
Both companies join their forces to bring SUNINBOX unique solution to the market. This project has been founded by the European Commision under the program Horizon 2020.



SOLARBOX was born in 2006 with the aim of filling a lack of knowledge on the Renewable Energy market in northern Spain. At that time, we offered our know-how and technology transfer regarding RE systems, mainly focused on collaborations and technical support for installing and maintenance companies. After consolidating the company as a reference for Engineering of RE systems, we set up a manufacturing unit for the development of special components required in the installation of the technology we designed.

Thanks to a continuous training and R + D we have pioneering projects in Spain and patents in the OEPM (Spanish office of patents and brand). Our services include:

  • Tecnical Department: planning, design, and prototyping on mechanics, fluids, hydraulics, etc.Water life cycle, carbon footprint reports and general energy audits and related tasks.
  • Production Department: large solar PV and Thermo plants, complete solutions for industrial biomass plants ranging from 200 kW up to MW class including silos, solids transportation, fluid circuits, etc.


GFM was founded in 2004 as a venture in the photovoltaic sector and is able to offer its clients a complete service in the technical execution of PV energy projects.

GFM has installed more than 20 MW of renewable energy projects. Nowadays, We have been positioned ourselves as an important player in the PV sector in Spain with more than 5 MW of own operationg power in Castilla-La Mancha region and provides management, operation and maintenance services to more than 10 MW.

We are fully committed with innovation. The R&D department is working in the different areas of RE including PV, thermal, wind, fuel cells, LPG and working in national and international projects focused on the use of new materials and new and more efficient processes.

It last two years, GFM has been working in the design and installation of off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy system such as solar pumps, isolated systems or genset hybrid systems. We have well proven experience regarding off-grid solutions, especially based in hybrid systems, and in particular, in packed off-grid solutions.